With the start of summer, end of year parties and the festive season fast approaching, Australians are gearing up to entertain guests at home. Celebrity chef, former MasterChef contestant and ClickClack ambassador, Sarah Todd encourages Australians to make the most of the warmer weather and take summer entertaining beyond the home.

In collaboration with ClickClack, an iconic New Zealand company dedicated to producing elegant and incredibly helpful kitchenware, Sarah Todd shares her top five tips and tricks on summer entertaining.

Don’t have a venue? Easy! Arrange a picnic gathering with your family and friends. It’s easy to become frazzled and confused when considering which ingredients to pack for a picnic. The best way to prepare is to ensure the pantry at home is well organised and clutter-free.

This way, you can arrange your ingredients and snacks seamlessly by knowing exactly what you have, and what you’re missing. Not only will you save time, effort and money on purchasing things you don’t need, but you’ll also have a wonderfully organised pantry to come home to.

Managing a party or a get-together where people are turning up across the day? Don’t make the mistake of putting your wholesome side salads out in one large bowl at the start of the event. Instead, utilise 2-3 medium sized ClickClack Daily Range containers and bring one out, as needed. This way, salads can remain chilled on ice and kept as fresh as possible in an airtight container until being served. A fresh salad helps cool guests and family members down with healthy, wholesome ingredients.

In the warmer weather, children love getting creative in the fresh air. A great way to make wholesome eating fun is by bringing along chopped fruit in an airtight ClickClack Daily or Pantry Range container, and pack some skewers. Not only will the kids have a blast getting creative making their own fruit skewers, but also be kept entertained whilst allowing parents to enjoy the sunshine.

If foods are packed in their own packaging direct from your grocery store, prepare in advance and repack the food and snacks into a reusable ClickClack Daily or Pantry Range container. This helps reduce the hassle associated with the post-picnic mess, and hassle of needing to transport food back home.

Heading out for a birthday celebration and worried about the portability of your finest cake holder? When the time comes to get the party started, bring the cake out and transform your multi-use ClickClack Pantry Range container into a handy cake stand by placing the cake on the underside of the container. This handy trick makes for transporting leftovers back into the fridge wildly convenient. Just flip the container, and voila!

“Summer entertaining season is just right around the corner,” said Ms Todd. “Summer is the best time for relaxed get-togethers with family and friends, and the warmer weather means you can truly take advantage of beautiful outdoor spaces,” said Sarah Todd.

“ClickClack has a fantastic and helpful range of storage containers to help make summer entertaining easier. Its pantry range in particular is perfect for storing food and pantry staples such as flour, sugar, pasta and more. They’re not only chic and stylish, but they’re also handy and versatile. They’re BPA-free, airtight, easy to stack and easy to open,” she said.

ClickClack’s incredibly helpful range of storage containers is available at all quality homewares and kitchenware retailers across the country including www.kitchenwarehouse.com.au.

For more information, visit www.clickclack.com.


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