E-signature and agreements platform DocuSign has today released a video sharing messages of hope from all over Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video, which asks viewers: What will you now agree to?, features a series of interviews conducted with well-known Australians about their time in lockdown this year.


Interviewees, including Jamie Durie, David Koch and Kate Ceberano, were asked how they have been coping with lockdown, and how they have had to adapt. The video captured the positive things which they had learned during that time, and what they would like to carry over to life post-lockdown.

Many have had to pivot entire business models in order to sustain businesses – including Jamie Durie, who has recently completed a new hotel design with his team entirely in lockdown.

The messages shared have inspired the DocuSign audience and encouraged many businesspeople, artists, musicians and more – who are themselves navigating a tricky time.

Andrea Dixon, Marketing Director at DocuSign, said: “The lockdown experience has been hard both professionally and personally for everyone across Australia and it’s been very easy to get caught up in the negative.”

"We wanted to look at the positives that can come from this experience. With everyone having had time to reflect, we wanted to know what Australians agree to post lockdown. The video shows a supportive, inclusive and positive message from our amazing line-up and we hope it inspires others to agree to a more positive future.”

The video was created and produced by Flourish PR, a team based in Collingwood, who has also been working remotely since March. The independent agency offers clients a full-service skill suite including publicity, media training, social media management, branding and creative strategy, as well as full-scale event production and management.

“It has been great to work on a project with inspirational people and tuning into the real experiences of where we are all at right now. Our hope is it inspires others to think about any positives they can take from this weird time. Is there something good you can take out of this? If so, how will it shape your life moving forwards? We look forward to hearing everyone’s stories,” commented Phil Ceberano, Creative Director at Flourish PR.

DocuSign has donated US$3 million in the past two years to a range of charitable causes affecting environment and sustainability, two core values of the business. DocuSign works with organisations and individuals to agree better, through a simpler agreement process which has saved approximately 837 tons of paper to date.

Video credits

DocuSign team
Andrea Dixon and Stephen Maher

Flourish PR team
Lead – Angela Ceberano
Creative Director – Phil Ceberano
Assistant Creative Director – Liv Haddow
Production – Isabela Vassiliou
Music – Instrumental reworking of the iconic Kate Ceberano track Brave co-written by Phil Ceberano with guest didgeridoo player Russell Smith

Jamie Durie – Founder of Durie Design
Alyce Tran – co-founder of The Daily Edited and In The Roundhouse
Kate Ceberano – Singer
David Koch – Business owner and TV presenter
Adele Barbaro – Founder of Feminae Beverage Co/Blogger
Russell Smith – Founder, Building Bridges
Anthony Svirskis – CEO, TRIBE
Dan Springer – CEO, DocuSign