Survey results unveiled by Nature’s Way show that the overwhelming majority of parents in Australia are paying ever closer attention to their children’s health and wellbeing as a priority. What’s more, almost half of parents are encouraging their kids to eat better foods to improve their nutrition .

To help spread the message of good food, nutrition and overall wellbeing, Guy and Jules Sebastian have joined forces with Nature’s Way to encourage families to get ‘kids smart’ by showing the benefits of their range of Kids Smart vitamins and supplements for children’s healthy growth and development.

They have spoken candidly about how they stay happy and healthy as a family, revealing that they practice gratitude “on a daily basis” to stay connected and well in the body, mind and soul, in addition to eating well and exercising

Jules explains, “Staying healthy is so important for us as a family – which means eating well, exercising and spending quality time together.

Before our family dinners together, we share at least one thing we’re grateful for from that day. It reminds us all we have much to be thankful for, and to keep checking in with each other to stay well”.

The couple also explained that this mentality helped them explain to their two boys the importance of a healthy body as well as mind.

“I want my boys to know that sharing their thoughts and feelings is as important as eating well and getting outdoors for a kickabout. For Jules and I, this all goes hand in hand. That’s also why we’re thrilled to work with Nature’s Way Kids Smart, an Australian family-owned business to help parents across Australia understand the benefits of their range. There’s no replacement for a good diet – but having a vitamin supplement as part of your kids’ routine will help ensure they get the vitamins they need. Jules and I have been using Vita Gummies for years.” says Guy Sebastian.

The Nature’s Way survey revealed parents have a renewed focus on their kids’ health and wellbeing as a priority. The data showed:

• Kids’ nutrition is a key priority for many, with half of respondents (50 per cent) said they have not allowed their child’s nutrition to fall by the wayside despite a change in routines such as home schooling or working from home last year
• While 53 per cent of parents haven’t noticed any behavioural changes in their child in 2020, 18 per cent said they have noticed some positive changes in their child over the past year
• Of those who noticed positive changes, respondents said their child is:
o More resilient (51 per cent)
o Eating more healthily (45 per cent)
o More curious (42 per cent)
o More kind and caring (32 per cent)

Furthermore, the survey shows while 33 per cent of parents have introduced vitamins and supplements into their child’s diet to help strengthen their immunity, more than half (55 per cent) of respondents have not done so.

Guy and Jules Sebastian will work with Nature’s Way Kids Smart to help spread the message of the numerous health benefits of vitamins and supplements, when dietary intake is inadequate. Nature’s Way Kids Smart has Australia’s widest range of children’s vitamins and supplements, starting with drops for infants, burstlets, chewable tablets and Vita Gummies. The Kids Smart range of products helps support a child’s healthy growth and development, immune system health, bone and teeth health, digestive health and cognitive development.

Yasmin Goldsmith, Nature’s Way Senior Brand Manager, described the partnership as a great opportunity to get the health and wellbeing message out to parents. “We are delighted to pair with a couple whose passion for children’s health and wellbeing is so closely matched to ours.”

“By working with Guy and Jules, we will be able to help educate more families around the country about the importance of a balanced diet to a child’s health and wellbeing. With the Kids Smart range, parents can feel more confident that their children are getting the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy when there might be gaps in their nutrition.”

The full Kids Smart range can be found the website here: