Flourish was engaged by TEG Live to create a robust PR, influencer and promotional strategy, to build awareness of Cirque du Soleil’s TORUK – The First Flight as a must-see arena spectacular.

As part of this, we were tasked to ensure media and audiences were educated on the uniqueness of the show, including the fact that it is unlike any other Cirque du Soleil production as it is held in an arena and narrated by a storyteller.

We achieved this through a phased approach for announcement, on sale, the lead up to the premiere and proactive on-ground media relations and management :

  • Created an influencer and social media strategy to generate awareness and publicity to encourage sales in both the lead up to the event and whilst the tour is in market
  • Handpicked talent and managed all VIP’s and RSVP’s for market launches
  • Managed all media interviews and shoots providing media training and key messaging prior to all media engagements
  • On stand-by for any crisis communications management that may have been required throughout the tour
  • Liaised with TEG and tour management/creative director on all publicity matters amd requirements
  • Coordinated all event listings and work in with tourism sites and partners for additional promotion in the lead up and during the tour
  • Handled all national ticket promotions across all media outlets
  • The campaign has resulted in more than 450 pieces of media coverage valued at more than $6.7 million, reaching more than 37 million pairs of eyes (meaning Australians have been exposed to more than one piece of TORUK coverage)