I believe actions prove who someone is. Words prove who someone wants to be.

PR is often a very misunderstood industry – which is ironic given that the role of PR is to effectively communicate key messages to audiences in a clear and concise manner. I also think that PR has a questionable reputation. If I had a dollar for every client who came to me and said, ‘we have had a really bad experience with PR in the past…’ then I’d be a very wealthy woman. Again, pretty ironic given we are in the business of brand and reputation management.

There is certainly a new generation of PR talent coming through who are passionate about sophisticated insights into how audiences consume, interact and react to the various media outlets that are now available. That said, I still think (and I have thought this for some time) that PR needs its own PR.

The old school approach believes that a PR person should be the ‘behind the scenes’ person. I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. Perhaps that was ‘the way it was done’ back in the 80’s and 90’s but a lot has changed since then. And thank goodness for that. I believe in practicing what you preach. I believe that by ‘doing’, you are much more qualified and have a much deeper understanding of how things actually work, especially in the digital world.

I believe actions prove who someone is. Words prove who someone wants to be.

In the spirit of DOING, I would like to answer your burning questions in regards to public relations. I will do so in a clear and frank manner via a series of videos.

So, are you someone who is confused about PR and its benefits? Let’s talk. Communication really can solve anything.

Leave a question below. I would love to help clear the murky waters and provide clarity on – what I think – is the most important marketing tool available to businesses, individuals and brands.