As the country faces an increasing mental health pandemic, former NRL coach and player, Anthony Seibold, has partnered with Readiness as their new ambassador to encourage all Australians to educate themselves on mental health and a holistic approach to wellbeing

According to recent data1, one in seven Australians will experience depression in their lifetime, and one quarter will experience an anxiety condition .

While research also shows support-seeking is growing at a rapid rate, with around half of all people with a condition now getting treatment , there is still a lack of preventative education around mental health conditions and the support available.

These statistics are why Seibold, former NRL Dally M Coach of the Year and father of three, has joined forces with Readiness, a complete digital wellbeing platform aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of employees and students, to highlight the need for greater awareness and education around mental health.

As new brand ambassador for Readiness and in a recent interview for the brand’s ‘Be Readi’ video series, Seibold shared his passion for education around mental health was ignited during the 2020 NRL season, when he experienced severe online trolling.

“The toll of the constant online abuse I faced last year was debilitating, not just for me but also for my family. I had some really dark days,” said Mr Seibold.

“Now, I have strategies in place that I can easily call on and I actively prioritise my mental health. I meditate, and try to be more present. I can also recognise negative self-talk and know how to cut it off before it gets too bad. Readiness has been helpful in providing me a place to ‘check in’ regularly, and provides me with additional education about how to improve my mental health."

“We go to the gym to get fit and have no problem going to the doctor when we have a cold, but we don’t work on our mental health. We don’t schedule in mindfulness like we do work meetings.

“This is why I am working with Readiness – to encourage all Australians to be proactive when it comes to their mental health, and to prioritise education around holistic wellbeing, whether that be at home, in the workplace or at school,” he said.

Co-founder of Readiness, Simon Kearney, says that while the platform is a tool aimed at workplaces and schools, individual users are provided with tips and practical strategies around pillars like sleep, mental health and physical health that they can implement at home as well as in the workplace.

“Mental health is a growing issue in our country, and something that affects almost everyone at some point in their life,” said Mr Kearney.

“Programs like Readiness have been around in professional sport for a long time to help get a good understanding of the holistic health and wellbeing of athletes. Now, we’re making this technology available to all Australians with the aim of building a healthy future for everyone.

“Through regular assessments, Readiness highlights areas where people might be struggling in their day to day and arms them with advice, tools and resources to build resilience at both work and at home,” he said.

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