The fashion industry is still “failing to cater to consumer needs” when it comes to diverse size options, says the founder of Australian Style Institute, Lauren Di Bartolo.

A survey unveiled today shows a crisis in body image and self-esteem amongst Australians of all ages.

Data covering attitudes towards body image and clothing shows the overwhelming majority of Australians feel they would look better in clothes if they lost weight (78%) and a startling third of Australians have starved themselves to fit into an outfit.

“The data shows the vast majority of Australians can’t see options to suit their body shape on the high street. What’s more, they feel that to look good in what’s on offer, they need to lose weight.

“The message the fashion industry is sending out continues to feel dated and out of touch.

“Fashion is for everyone – and consumers should be feeling that too. It’s something we are proud to champion at Australian Style Institute – that looking good and feeling good are attainable goals whatever your size” says Lauren Di Bartolo.

The survey, covering 1,011 Australians nationwide, also revealed:
· Strong proportion of the responders believe they would feel more confident if they had clothes which better suited their body shape (81%)
· Majority of responders only feel “a bit” confident in the clothes they wear (46%)
· Despite believing people of all shapes and sizes can look good in clothes (85% confirm), there is still a lack of self-belief as an incredible 31% had starved themselves to fit into an outfit

As well as a crisis in body shape confidence, the survey also demonstrated a lack of knowledge in what to look for when shopping.

Almost a third of Australians are in the dark about what clothes suit their body shape (28%) and how to dress well to achieve the looks they’re after. What’s more, around two thirds would like better advice on where to shop and what to buy (63%).

“Constantly sending out a message that there is an ideal size for fashion is out of touch”, explains Di Bartolo.

“We need better representation to help people all over Australia make smart choices for their wardrobes, and as a consequence, improve the confidence in their clothes”.

Australian Style Institute was founded in 2010 and now runs courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and online. Courses on offer empower students with everything they need to become successful professional fashion stylists, from personal styling to editorial, red carpet and more.

The Institute has attracted students from 15 countries worldwide, and has seen thousands come through its doors since opening ten years ago. It’s estimated around 500 styling businesses have been founded thanks to the courses created by founder Lauren.

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Survey conducted in February 2021, covering attitudes from 1,011 Australians nationally, aged 18-65.